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Can there be a right choice when past and present collide?


Lyris Pembrooke inherits Hammersleigh House from her great-uncle and makes a grisly discovery in the tower room of the old mansion – the mummified remains of a tiny child. Concealed and forgotten since the 1943 family reunion.


She feels driven to uncover the reasons for the tragedy, but after 60 years the only way is to accept her supernatural heritage. Not ready to go that route, Lyris seeks the assistance of the family psychic, getting more than she bargained for. Suddenly, Leander, an ethereal being with an attitude who prefers hanging out with Winston Churchill and John Lennon, pops in and announces he’s Lyris’ new guide, advising her to embrace her calling.


While nurturing a new relationship with Blackshore’s police chief, avoiding her ex-husband’s controlling demands, hosting this year’s reunion, and waging a psychological battle with the mansion’s butler, Lyris is already taxed to her limits. And, that’s not counting the sinister figure prowling Hammersleigh’s halls at night, stealing small valuables.


During an oppressive summer heat wave, a tear in the cosmic veil fractures time, forcing Lyris to choose her life’s path. Will she accept her psychic abilities and delve into the tortured psyche of a WWII soldier? Or turn away from her gift and leave the horror of little Tommy Pembrooke’s murder forever unexplained?

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